Monday, April 7, 2014

Lions and Frogs and Bath Time Oh My!

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Landon Battreal

I'm behind on the blog as usual...Landon has been 5 for two and a half months and I've yet to take his pictures and post a blog. It's on my to-do list. Before I get around to it I just have to post to document how our guy is growing up. He's growing up too fast! I can't believe our baby boy is 5! He's really matured just in the last few months and we kind of like having him around. He's a smart little guy who is full of energy and orneriness. I wouldn't have it any other way. He's about to wrap up just first year at CTK as a "pre-k'er" and then he will be off to kindergarten. We have lots to share in his official 5 year post but for now here are a few of my iPhone pictures from recent months.

Stay tuned for our dude's 5 year post sometime before he turns 6!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Snow" Day Sweetness

The kiddos were out of school today! The weather never got too bad and there wasn't any actual snow to play in. I worked from home while daddy went to work and in between work activities I enjoyed some super sweet snuggle and play time. I just love days at home with my babies! They watched tv, played with their "electronics", and we played puzzles and toys. They probably had a little too much "electronic" time but we sure enjoyed our day. Landon worked on writing his name on thank you notes for his birthday and while it was definitely the most challenging part of our day they turned out sort of ok.

Yep, he wore pjs all day!

Ornery MK and mommy with the ginormous forehead. :). I've read that a deep, high and curved forehead signifies idealism...and a personality test I took at work tells me I'm an idealist. So, there you have it. Ha!

Tonight after bath time Landon, who never ever gives sweet kisses and always gives ornery zerberts, gave me the best ever sweetest kisses on the cheek before bedtime. Ah, I sure love this silly boy!!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Maddie Kate is 2!

Actually, she's exactly 2 years and 3 months today.  I've avoided posting her 2 year blog because I hadn't taken her 2 year pictures yet.  Last weekend the weather was while daddy and Landon went to Chuck E. Cheese's to check it out for his 5th birthday party, which was today, Maddie Kate and I headed to the front yard to take some pictures.  I know, the front yard - real creative...but when the subject of your photo shoot is as cute as MK, anywhere will do.

Maddie Kate - what can we say about Maddie Kate.  

Cute.  Sassy.  Girly.  Ornery.  Fun.  Brilliant.  Loving.  Bossy.  

Those are just a few words we'd used to describe our girl.  She's just a little ray of sunshine and she makes us happy.  Her happiness and giggle are infectious.  We love her a "bushel and a peck" and "moon and back" a million and one times.

At her 2 year checkup Maddie Kate weighed 33 pounds (96 %) and was 3 ft tall (92 %).  She's grown since then!  She's our big, healthy girl!  She wears a size 3 in most clothes, a size 6 diaper and either a 7 or 8 shoe.  She loves her sparkly shoes and her leopard boots.  She likes to play with my make-up and as she puts it on she'll say "I boo-ful" or "I so pretty!".  When she finds something she likes she holds it tight and says "I yuv it!" or "it's so boo-ful!".  

Maddie Kate's vocabulary is amazing.  She's been speaking in full sentences for a long time now, she can sing the ABC's all the way through, she can count to around 13, she knows most of her colors and can name and point out all her body parts - including eye lashes.  She can almost do the sign of the cross perfectly and joins in our mealtime prayer.  Sometimes she prays for "all the people" - she got this from hearing her bubba say he wants to pray for all the people in the tornado a while back after he heard about a bad one.  So sweet, these kiddos!!  Ornery too - but they sure have their sweet moments that makes us grin.


Foods - cheese, pirate booty, popsicles, strawberries, blueberries, cheese ravioli, macaroni and cheese, squeeze applesauce, cheese eggs...really, she likes most all food and especially loves anything with sugar in it!  If you give her something she isn't fond of she'll say, "I not yike that!".  Her very favorite thing is sharing a breakfast bar with her daddy in the mornings.

Books - She loves her "Hello" by Highlights book subscription that her Aunt Barbara gave her.  She also likes Fancy Nancy, Ladybug Girl, and she is particularly fond of plain ol picture books.  She likes "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and one of her recent favorites is one she received for a birthday gift called "Izzy the Ice Cream Fairy".

Television - Sofia the First on Disney Jr., Doodlebops, Barney, the Children Singing video at Nana's house and PAW Patrol.

Songs - Maddie Kate can sing!  She knows the words to so many songs and sings a lot throughout the day.  Her favorite songs to sing are "The Wheels on the Bus", "Jesus Loves the Little Children", "Jesus Loves Me", "If You're Happy and You Know It", "Ba Ba Black Sheep", today she started singing the hokey pokey and she loves the nursery rhyme cd we play in my car.  She also loves the singing nuns that she and her nana listen to and her favorite song to sing at church is the "ha-ya-you-a" or hallelujah!

Activities - She's still a big fan of swinging when the weather is nice, she likes to put together puzzles, play with toys, read books, color and "write her name", play with her babies (and she uses kitchen towels instead of baby blankets!), play with her bubba, cousins and friends at school.  Her friends at school are of course still Papi, Julia, Hazel, Ryan and Charlie Gray.  She comes home telling all kinds of stories - most of which have to do with biting Papi...and most of the time they aren't true...which is good considering the fact that if she bit Papi as many times as she's told us she bit Papi she's be expelled.

If you can't tell - we're quite proud of little Maddie Kate.  She's probably going to grow up to be a bossy, arrogant little thing as a result of everyone always making a fuss over how smart she is...she's going to keep us on our toes for sure!

Maddie Kate, your daddy and I love you so much!!  You keep us entertained, you make us smile and we are very lucky to have a couple kids as great as you and your bubba.

Oh no!  I almost left out talking about sleep habits!  I don't know if it's because we're just done obsessing over it or if it's because it's actually getting better.  Both...but it's not perfect.  One of us still sleeps with her and we continue to indulge her in her horrible sleep associations that will take til she goes off to college to break.  Watered down juice at 2am - diaper changes a 3 - elbows in the ribs ALL night - toenails digging into our sides - then there's the sweet way she says "I awake!" when she wakes up that just almost, but only almost, make us forget.

PS - Landon had a GREAT party today and turns 5 on Monday.  5!  5!!!!!!!!  Maybe I'll get his 5th birthday post published before Easter.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

MK's "Yucky" Day

I'm just a little behind on the ol' blog these days! I will be catching up on the last few months of 2013 soon!

Yesterday was gymnastics day...and since MK is 2 we signed her up for toddlers in action which is a mommy and me class. It's the same time as Landon's class and it's fun to watch him with his class while I participate with MK.

The highlight of "nastics" is most definitely the snack bar after class. Landon gets a white cherry icee if he's good and MK gets a juice box. She'd much rather have an icee but she'd just make a mess and even though I'm sure it's the same, I feel like the juice box has less sugar. Anyway, yesterday I told her that if she tried really hard on the rings and then walking up the soft stairs at the bar that she could have an icee. Bribery at its finest...and it failed miserably. She was happy to skip both activities because she knew she would still get her juice box. After class we went to the snack bar and I let Landon order and pay. When he asked for a cheery icee and a juice box for his baby the lady told him they were out of juice boxes! Oh no! So, what did mommy do...she asked the lady to give "Landon's baby" half an icee! MK's eyes got so big and she told about 5 people on the way out that she got her icee! I said, Maddie Kate, this must be your lucky day!" She replied with "yep, it's my yucky day!"


On the way home she took the lid off and made a giant mess. Thank goodness white cherry icees aren't red!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Muffins with Mom

Landon's school has a little event called Muffins with Mom around the holidays. The Mom's go to school with their kiddo to enjoy muffins and then we got to do a little shopping at Santa's Secret Shop. I think Landon enjoyed having me there as much as I enjoyed being there. He picked out a few presents and I got to bring home a couple of arts and crafts he made for the special occasion. He already told his dad what he picked out for him and he let his baby sister open hers early. He picked out a pink flamingo egg that hatches in water and a small bottle of pink nail polish for her. I let him pick out one thing for himself and he chose a dinosaur that hatches in water like the pink flamingo. Both were big hits and the topic of conversation and excitement in the Battreal household. MK carried her "pink amingo" around for days!

Mr Ornery Pants is not a fan of the camera as shown in these silly pictures I took on our fun morning.

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