Saturday, June 21, 2014

Potty Training Progress!

MK's teachers send home a daily report and for the last several days we've seen this!!! Yahoo for progress!!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Dad's Day!

Happy day to the best daddy our kiddos could ever ask for! Jim is such a great daddy. He spends a lot of time with our kiddos and he just gets a little better every day. Two ornery kids tend to push all the wrong buttons and teach us both a little about patience and love. We are both a work in progress but we share a common goal and we love our little family. Jim takes good care of us and is a great leader.

This morning we let him sleep in a little and then cooked him a yummy breakfast! We went to mass and then had his family over for a fish fry. It was a great day and we love him a whole lot!!

Thanks Jim for being a great dad and an even better partner.

We love you a bushel and a peck and to the moon and back!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Landon lost a tooth!!

I wrote this several weeks ago but my iPhone app wouldn't publish it. I finally got it to work today!

Last week Landon showed me that he had a loose tooth! I couldn't believe it! I texted several friends to see if this seemed early to them and apparently it wasn't. I think I forget sometimes that my baby boy is 5 and is growing up! He wiggled it around constantly and I just knew it would fall out very soon. On Saturday he had a t-ball game and MK and I missed it because we went to a baby shower for a friend in Augusta. Jim sent me a text that Landon lost his tooth during the game! He said that Landon waved over to him and then Jim saw him looking around on the ground. Jim went out to see him and sure enough, Landon's tooth was gone! Jim crawled around left field (while the game was still going on!) and he found it!! Yay! Best daddy ever! We left his tooth by his bed for the tooth fairy and when Landon woke up this morning he yelled, "Mommy!!! Come see what the tooth fairy left me!!" He sounded sooo excited! She had left him some change-mainly quarters since she knows how much he likes video games...and she also left him a fun dip!!! I'm certain Landon thought that was just about the coolest thing ever!

I still can't believe our big boy has lost his first tooth! It's actually his third...but this one happened all on its own!

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Last Day of Pre-K

Our dude had a great year!  He learned a lot and we learned a lot about him.  We are so thankful for Christ the King and we are looking forward to kindergarten!  I can't quite believe we have a kid old enough for kindergarten but it seems we do!  Landon has improved so much this year.  He can write his name fairly well and just recently when we're driving he'll pick out a sign and say the letters asking us what they spell.  He seems to be interested in learning and we hope that continues.  His teacher put together binders of his work from throughout the year and it's neat to flip through it and see his progress.  One of my favorite things they did is the monthly journal.  Each day the kiddos did a journal page.  Typically it was a drawing based on a question like what they did over the weekend and sometimes they got a free day to draw what they like.  His drawing skills definitely improved!  He seems to have a knack for numbers and can even understand basic math.  We have enjoyed watching him grow and talking to him about the things he's learned.

The Pre-K class puts on a musical program at the end of the year.  Aside from trying to get pictures of our ornery boy afterwards, he did a great job!  He was on the front row and watching him perform up there with his buddies was the highlight of the year.  At the end of the program they all had a part to Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World.  That was my favorite.  A few times during that part Landon really got into it and you could tell he could almost feel the music.  I don't know why exactly but that made my heart so happy!!  I see so much of myself and Jim in him…he's ornery but he also has a sweet, sensitive side.

At the end of the year they also had a field day.  I went for a little while to watch and all the kiddos had such a great time!  Watching them was fun but I think my favorite part was watching my dear friend Marie man the rope on the rock climbing wall while wearing sweet Annabeth.  She is absolutely amazing!!  Definitely the highlight of my visit to field day!  

I know we have a long road with these kiddos and school and I'm so thankful to have a good, Catholic school to send them to.  I'm happy that they'll have the religious education and we feel at home at our church and in the school.

Potty Training and Gum

Oh Sweet Maddie Kate!  Bless her heart she's just too strong willed (some may say stubborn) for her own good and I have no idea where she gets it.  Oh yeah…she's double whammied.  Her daddy might tell you that I'm a little "strong willed"…surely not!  I might say the same for him - only he'd agree.  Our girl knows exactly what she should do and I'm pretty sure she "feels the urge" in time to do it…but she's just not going to do it until she's darn good and ready.  How do we know this?  Because several weeks ago she was at her Nana's…Aunt Sissy was there and saw MK assume the poop position.  She always squats to do her business.  I guess it helps her.  Anyway, Aunt Sissy suggested that MK try to go poop on the potty and sassafras Maddie Kate told her, "Aunt Sissy…I'm NOT toiled trained yet!".  Well, there you have it!  She's too smart for her own good…we can have an intelligent conversation with her but we can't convince her to pee on the pot!  She'll say, "I'll go on the potty next weekend" and she'll say it with her finger in the air pointing at you as if she's in charge…and let's face it, we all know she is.  I do think we have turned a corner just this week!  She started at Camp Sunshine this week and she's gone on the potty all day there!  Her bribe of choice is gum.  We didn't give in to it very easily after she continued to swallow it but then Nana did her homework and learned that gum doesn't actually live in your colon until you enter the pearly gates.  So, gum it is!!  And it's working!  And can she throw a FIT if you don't come through after a trip to the potty!  This girl is gonna give us a run for our money!  Good thing we think she's awfully cute.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lions and Frogs and Bath Time Oh My!

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Landon Battreal

I'm behind on the blog as usual...Landon has been 5 for two and a half months and I've yet to take his pictures and post a blog. It's on my to-do list. Before I get around to it I just have to post to document how our guy is growing up. He's growing up too fast! I can't believe our baby boy is 5! He's really matured just in the last few months and we kind of like having him around. He's a smart little guy who is full of energy and orneriness. I wouldn't have it any other way. He's about to wrap up just first year at CTK as a "pre-k'er" and then he will be off to kindergarten. We have lots to share in his official 5 year post but for now here are a few of my iPhone pictures from recent months.

Stay tuned for our dude's 5 year post sometime before he turns 6!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Snow" Day Sweetness

The kiddos were out of school today! The weather never got too bad and there wasn't any actual snow to play in. I worked from home while daddy went to work and in between work activities I enjoyed some super sweet snuggle and play time. I just love days at home with my babies! They watched tv, played with their "electronics", and we played puzzles and toys. They probably had a little too much "electronic" time but we sure enjoyed our day. Landon worked on writing his name on thank you notes for his birthday and while it was definitely the most challenging part of our day they turned out sort of ok.

Yep, he wore pjs all day!

Ornery MK and mommy with the ginormous forehead. :). I've read that a deep, high and curved forehead signifies idealism...and a personality test I took at work tells me I'm an idealist. So, there you have it. Ha!

Tonight after bath time Landon, who never ever gives sweet kisses and always gives ornery zerberts, gave me the best ever sweetest kisses on the cheek before bedtime. Ah, I sure love this silly boy!!

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